10-20 minute videos that solve a single problem. We keep things at a brisk pace and as real as we can.

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#010: Authentication with App Services and EasyAuth

In this episode Rob sets up Azure's Authentication and Authorization service, otherwise known as EasyAuth, using an Express application, Google, and Twitter. Don't want to use an auth service or library? This is for you.

#009: Deploying a Static Site

Static sites, much like Hansel, are so hot right now. After years of building server-side web apps, we've figured out that it's a lot faster and cheaper to host if they don't have a server component at all. Who knew? But just how fast and how cheap is it?

#008: Creating a Free Web Site with Elixir and Redis using Docker Compose

In this video Rob shows you how to create a multi-container web application using Docker Compose - all for Free! We'll create a site using Elixir and then wire it up to Redis, all containerized.

#007: When Node Dies

Node is single-threaded and when the process dies, *everything dies*. Frameworks like Express and Koa have safeguards built in, but most of the time it's a good idea to use a process manager, like PM2. In this video, Burke blows his site up to show us the details.

#006: Creating a Web App for Free

In this episode Rob decides that the best kind of a web app is a *free* web app, and that includes a database! He'll also have a look at Kudu, a useful Azure utility that will help him understand what's going on.

#005: Using Make to Orchestrate Shell Scripts

In this video I'll take control of the shell commands that I've been using in episodes #001 and #003, first adding them to a script file and then orchestrating things a bit more carefully with Make

#004: When NodeJS Refuses to Start

In this episode Burke Holland uses VS Code and the App Services extension to troubleshoot his NodeJS application, which refuses to start. It worked just a second ago... what gives!

#003: Basic Logging and Continuous Deployment

In this video we'll expand the super simple NodeJS web application from episode 001. We'll plug in the ExpressJS web framework, logging, and then setup our deployment to pull from DockerHub whenever an image is updated.

#002: Deploy a NodeJS site directly from VS Code

In this video we'll deploy the simplest NodeJS website using Azure tooling within VS Code. We'll also fix some unexpected problems along the way.

#001: A Simple Docker Deployment

In this video we’ll kick the tires on Azure and see if it will work as the production home of project I’ll be working on. I don’t have an application just yet, but one is in the planning.